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RIA Menorca sandals: Tradition & design

RIA Menorca: tradition​, heritage and design.

RIA Menorca was founded over 70 years ago and we are immensely proud of our shoe-manufacturing business, which has steadily grown on a national and international level since its inception. From the very beginning, we ensured that our Menorcan avarca sandals were handcrafted in the traditional way, with every attention to detail. The manufacturing process is supported by our “Menorcan avarca” Seal of Guarantee.

The next generation of RIA avarcas has been taken one step further. We have converted a simple Menorcan sandal that was traditionally used by farm workers on this small Mediterranean island into exciting and iconic fashion footwear, modelled on catwalks in New York and many other cities worldwide. Our historic benchmark for quality in the industry has now been consolidated with the addition of cutting-edge designs.


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Ria’s footprint is found all over the world

We’re growing with every step we take, and now have a presence in more than 40 countries. Our distinctive hallmark and style are gaining ground with fans everywhere. RIA avarcas have trod catwalks in New York, Norway, Australia, Singapore and Japan… and the company just keeps on growing and leaving its mark wherever it touches down.